Broadband in Denmark

Guide for expats, exchange students and new residents in Denmark

Broadband in Denmark

Guide for expats, exchange students and new residents in Denmark.

How is the internet in Denmark?

how is the internet in denmark

If you are planning to work or study in Denmark, we have great news for you: Denmark has one of the fastest average MB downloads per second. In 2018 Denmark was number 4 in the world with an average download per second of 49.19 and rose to a 3rd spot in 2020 with an average download speed of 108 MBps. In other words regardless of where you decide to live in Denmark, there is one thing you won’t suffer from: slow internet. 

What types of broadband can I get?

In Denmark there are 4 types of broadband solutions you can choose from:

  1. Internet via fiber cables
  2. Internet via TV cables (Coax)
  3. Internet via phone cables (xDSL)
  4. Internet via mobile network (cell phone towers)

What type of broadband is best?

Depending on what you consider most important and what your need is,
we will list the pros and cons of the different broadband technologies in Denmark. 


Tv cable

Phone cable

Mobile network

List of internet providers in Denmark

In Denmark the internet market is divided by the energy concerns and tele companies that own the internet cables and internet providers who offers broadband by renting cables. The tele company TDC more or less owns the majority of the tv cables (coax). TDC also offers broadband subscriptions via their daughter company Yousee. There is no immediate advantage in terms of price or speed of choosing Yousee over over providers. We just mention it for you to get an idea of who owns the tv cable network in Denmark.

When it comes to fiber internet there are several energy companies who own the fiber cables depending on where you are in the country. Some of the biggest are: TDC, Norlys, Fibia, EWII (they cover different geographical regions). Like internet via coax cables, there are much more providers of fiber internet. Your address will determine which energy/tele company your provider will use. 

Lastly the mobile networks in Denmark are owned by TDC, 3 and  Telia/Telenor.

ProviderFiberCoaxMobile broadband
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Maxspeed (Telenor)YesYesYes
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